Gaming Benefits Corporation Blockchain CSR & Charitable Gaming Integrity

The future of gaming is charitable.

Gaming Benefits Corporation (GBC) creates certified regulatory technology on blockchain to prove corporate social, civic and gaming responsibility.

GBC platforms are GLI certified to elevate charitable gaming regulatory standards, licensing and certifications.  Our blockchain approach authenticates game reporting and its extended social impact.

Our mission is to create a sub industry to gambling to improve corporate social responsibility and enhance responsible gaming.  Nonprofits use GBC platforms to raise funds with online raffles meeting compliance operators need and regulators require. The platform measures the extended social impact of gaming and nonprofit activities by authenticating results and the charitable use of funds raised.


Enhance Your Game with Good Will  

GBC platforms are integral to underpin games of chance with charitable gaming.  Our innovation creates a dimension of trust forming a mutually beneficial relationship between companies, customers, stakeholders, and the broader communities with whom they interact.

GBC has identified industry best practices & products, formed strategic partnerships, and technological advancements that fearlessly empower and protect charitable gaming’s value proposition.

GBC is the US Charitable Gaming authority, proving corporate social responsibility creating authentic hyper-local community benefits of gaming.

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