acknowledge failure by tara sue

Attempts to enforce mask mandates that do not protect the individual students, teachers, staff and public servants are fundamentally flawed.  Masks in schools are poised to become the new lead pencil.

As parents and adults, it is our responsibility to teach children how to protect themselves and their health anywhere at all times.  It is a jungle out there.  We need to empower our youth, employees and citizens with authentic personal protection equipment in fervent opposition to the sale of false security at the expense of individual rights, freedoms and tax dollars.

Let’s make sure school funding for masks is spent on authentic PPE that provides a genuine value in protecting individuals against Covid and other microbial threats.  This provides individuals the safety they need and have the ability to use.

Billions of dollars are being wasted on poor mask products that offer no protection to the wearer.  For less than the cost of waste, trash bags and risk, real PPE can and should be provided to schools.

Mask Research for Schools

FAILURE is certain on the path to success–It requires identification, acknowledgement and a willingness to be corrected.  Pursuit of excellence amidst challenge is not for those who melt in the rain or are afraid of the dark.  Excellence is for those relentlessly committed to good, better and best and beholden to the truth no matter how much it hurts.

If you are not creative, hard-working, thoughtful and honest, then please, sit every crisis out.  If you are making decisions that result in failure, praise the process, dissect the results, learn, plan, apply and try again.